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RABALDER (Riots) 2020 (14 episodes) In a small village under the northern lights, a group of friends have finally grown old enough to escape their parents' constant supervision. With great zeal, a genuine madness and a desire for free rein to do exactly what they want, they meet their stark opposite in the grumpy, greedy, landowner Dag who tries everything he can to keep the children in check. At the same time, the children must find themselves, fit into the herd, be seen, be loved and learn to stand together. Set somewhere in the Arctic. 

NRK and Nordicstories Director: Tord T. Olsen / Runtime 14x15min


Norsemen S03 2020 (6 episodes) Season 3 also referred to as Sesong 0, it is a prequel to the other two series. Set in 788AD, Vikingane features the daily challenges of people living in a small Viking village, from power struggle, brother rivalry, gender equality,

betrayal and friendship. In this prequel season we learn how a bold statement from one cheiften to another, brings the tribes into the biggest Viking battle that has ever happened! ..and other small and quirky facts around the funny characters in and around Norheim.

Streamed through Netflix and NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Ch.)

Directors: Jonas Torgersen & Jon Iver Helgaker / Runtime: 6x28min.

TV series poster "Norsemen" season 2

Norsemen S02 2018-2019 (6 episodes) Set in 790AD, Vikingane features the daily challenges of people living in a small Viking village, from power struggle, brother rivalry, gender equality, to betrayal and friendship. "It's the story of people from our time, but living during the Viking era. Of course everyday choices have far more dramatic consequences and that makes for great comedy.

Streamed through Netflix and NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Ch.)

Director Jonas Torgersen & Jon Iver Helgaker / Runtime: 6x28min.

Filmposter "In the last moment"

In the last moment We meet three people in different stages of life in three locations in Europe - Provence, Berlin and Oslo. All of them in the moment of their last gasp, and all of them seen through the eyes of Death.

Director: Øystein Stene / Runtime: 16min.

Filmposter "the crystal palace" shortfilm

The Crystal Palace About Eivind and his first conception of about life and death, when he meets Edith at an retirement home. Won the Best Film Award in Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Director: Tove Cecilie Sverdrup & Sunniva Nervik / Runtime: 28min.

TV series poster "Sweet swan of avon" documentary

Sweet Swan of Avon A documentary series (4x 50min) about Shakspear´s works, and poses the question if he really wrote all of it himself. Petter Amundsen launches the theory that Shakespear was possibly a strawman for a much larger organization.

Director: Jørgen Friberg / Runtime: 4x 50min.

TV series poster "Sweet swan of avon" documentary

Citizen X The last day in the life of a woman, struggling to find her place in a futuristic society where people that fail to live up to the government's standards are removed and eliminated by men dressed in yellow.

Director: Eirik Smidesang Slåen / Runtime: 7min.

TV series poster "Etaten"

Etaten is a Norwegian comedy series of 8 episodes. The series was one of NRK´s big initiatives that fall and are built around Atle Antonsen´s role as an irresolute CEO in the department of Planning and Building Services. Some resemblance to "The Office". The series is a fictional documentary and a parody of government bureaucracy and administrative procedures, where a number of restructuring and everyday issues creates an extremely inefficient and little customer friendly atmosphere. Dir:Ole Endresen /Runtime: 8x30min

Filmposter "Down there they dont morn"

Down there they dont morn The film deals with two classmates who have not found themselves adapting very well to the school. Thomas is an immigrant and has not been included in the school environment, even though it has been a year. Karsten is a freak that few like. The film is about the day they skip the swimming class and destroy the woodwork classroom.

Director: Per Sveinung Larsen / Runtime: 12min.

Filmposter "Malabar"

Malabar Evening turns into night and in the land of milk and honey, specifically downtown Oslo, the rats seep out. Three young bullies cruise around in a van looking for even more spectacular slapping-recordings for their website. Live is chasing after money for drugs. Her asthmatic father's has his last day of work in the sewers. Khalid has changed his name and finally got a job - in the sewer. Christopher is thrown out of the hospital with "psychiatry" stamped on his forehead. And the barista, Kristina, finally decides to reveal her deepest secret before sailing around the world. Director: Espen Vidar / Runtime: 28min.

Filmposter "Friday ten to four"

Fredag ti på fire (03.50 PM on a Friday) is the first in a series of three short films with Anders Svalestad as the police investigator and city cop Stig. It's about waiting for the weekend and typical policework in Oslo on a Friday afternoon. Distributed by the Norwegian Film Institute in 2007

Director: Maria Askedal / Runtime: 9min.

Filmposter "Kjell" documentary

Kjell In the early 1950's Kjell discovered he was gay. Love had to be looked for abroad. Since he was good-looking, intelligent, and charming, he soon became popular in St. Tropez, Cannes, Paris, and London. However, only brief affairs came of this. Today time and opportunities have passed him by. Kjell is past his sell-by date, as he puts it himself. Won the Best Documentary at the Norwegian Short Film Festival.

Director: Tonje Kristiansen / Runtime: 58min.

Filmposter "Friday ten to four"

The Last Crusader 9 knights return from the crusades in the year 1396. They have lost the holy land and the war weighs heavily on them - but as they near their frozen and snowy homes, they discover that the war is yet not over for their part, and that death is travelling with them in a most surprising way...

Director: Rodrigo Stoicheff / Runtime: 26min.

Thomas has also done various of other series for TV - reality and fiction. New Scandinavinan Cooking (BBC), 

A journey through the soul, Camp Malloy, Top Model, Farmen, 71grader Nord etc.

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