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Thomas Løkkeberg FNF (Norwegian Society of Cinematographers), is a Director of Photography based in Norway.

He studied film and cinematography at Queensland College of Art, Australia from 1998 - 2001.

After 20years in filmmaking Thomas has DP`ed hundreds of commercials, music videos, fiction films and documentaries.

Aiming continuously to develop an understanding of light, composition and other technical and creative skills needed to provoke emotions from a screen. Big or small...

His passion lies in the storytelling and how the component of visually strong images can make something that is interesting -

into something that is truly fascinating, and further captivate the viewer. 

For a period from 2015 - 2017 he joined the creative production company Punchline, where he gained knowledg of producing and co-directing. Deepening the understanding of filmmaking in general. 

Currently owner of an Arri Mini, a set of Ultra Prime lenses and a couple of TLS zooms.

This enables him to take on personal projects to further explore the lifelong journey it is to master the craft and art of cinematography.

He would love to hear from you, about your current or future project, or if you have questions regarding some of my work..

Latest fiction reel from Director of Photography Thomas Loekkeberg
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